Here you can also print out your latest bill. You need your phone number and account ID to view the complete PTCL bill. Please enter your phone number and account ID below to get the latest PTCL billing statement:

Click on the ‘Print Bill’ link, then let the printer appear in the top right corner. You will need a printer for the print copy. To see how to print a PTCL bill, please refer to the image below:

Any old bill copy will provide you with an account ID. PTCL bills normally contain a 10 digit number located in the upper right corner. In order to generate a PTCL online bill, an account id must be entered. However, if your account ID is not available, you may still check the latest bill amount by entering your phone number below. To get your May or June 2021 bill, enter your account ID and phone number above.

Requirements to check PTCL Bill:

PTCL requires the following information to check your latest bill online:

  • Phone Number
  • Account ID

He probably has his phone number in the public domain, but that is not enough to obtain a duplicate PTCL statement. It is not possible to retrieve bill information unless you have your account ID. For help finding the account ID, please see the screenshot below:

Check your PTCL bill without entering the area code and in lieu of the area code, enter the phone number.

If you have a CNIC number, you cannot view your PTCL bill online. But you can call the PTCL helpline if you do not know your number and/or account id. They’ll tell you which telephone number and account id are registered to your CNIC.

PTCL also offers E-billing services. Here is where you can register for E-bill.

The government holds a significant stake in PTCL well-known and leading provider of Internet and Landline services. The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) provides

telecommunication services to Pakistani clients throughout the world. The Pakistani government holds significant shares in PTCL. The company works under the supervision of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd. provides broadband internet, dial-up, telephone, and satellite TV services through a variety of efficient and affordable solutions throughout the country. In addition to online billing, PTCL customers can get paper bills at their residences or places of business.

When you are shifting to a new location within the same city, you can contact PTCl support by calling to tell them that you are changing your address, but you still want your PTCL connection, and they will send someone to install your PTCL connection at the new location.

Users of PTCL broadband services who lost their bills can generate them here for payment, and print them. Please contact us with any questions regarding your PTCL or EB bill.

PTCL Bill Status

If you want to know if your PTCL bill has been paid, you can check the bill status online. If you have either a phone number with an area code or a user name, you can check your payment status. You can check the status of any of those here.

PTCL users can check online bills (bill check karne ka Tarika) very easily. Check your PTCL WiFi bill from any internet-capable device, including your mobile device.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to download your PTCL landline bill in pdf format:

  • You can check your bill by entering your phone number and account id and clicking the ‘Check Bill’ button.
  • Select ‘Print Bill’ from the next screen.
  • You can view the printable bill here. You can download your bill by clicking ‘Download’nload’ in the upper right corner.

It’s possible to check your first bill online if you didn’t receive one or ask the support representative to send it to you directly.

There are red outlines on the bill number and due date, so you can see them quickly. The billing summary is also available, along with internet usage and other subscriptions (such as PTCL smart television). It doesn’t matter what kind of broadband/internet connection you are using, with billing structures that are the same for all kinds of broadband/internet connections. Just fill in the required information above, and you’ll get your PTCL bill.

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