Deezer vs Apple Music Comparison Updated – Choice the Best Music App

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The battle for music streaming supremacy heats up in 2024! Deezer and Apple Music, two titans of the industry, continue to lock horns, each offering vast libraries, unique features, and enticing price points. But with so much to consider, choosing the perfect platform can feel like navigating a complex symphony. Worry not, music lovers! We’ve updated this guide to help you harmonize with the service that meets your unique needs.

The Scorecard: Music Library & Audio Fidelity

Music Library: Both boast over 90 million songs, but reports suggest Deezer’s library might be slightly larger, catering to niche and international artists. Apple Music takes the lead in curation, focusing on mainstream acts.

Winner: This round is a close call: Choose Deezer for diversity, Apple Music for popular hits.

Audio Fidelity: Deezer’s HiFi plan offers FLAC files at 16-bit/44.1kHz, while Apple Music’s Lossless Audio boasts ALAC files at up to 24-bit/48kHz. Audiophiles might find Apple Music’s sound slightly richer, but the difference is subtle.

Winner: Apple Music by a hair, but Deezer is a close contender.

Features: Where Personalization Takes Center Stage

Both platforms offer personalized recommendations, offline listening, and social features. But their unique offerings steal the show:

  • Deezer: Flow, a dynamic playlist that adapts to your tastes.
  • Apple Music: Spatial Audio, creating an immersive surround-sound experience on compatible devices.

Winner: It’s a tie. Choose Deezer for dynamic personalization, and Apple Music for an immersive listening experience.

Price: Finding the Right Note for Your Budget

Deezer generally offers slightly cheaper plans, including individual, family, and student options. Apple Music’s plans are a touch more expensive but come with iCloud Music Library integration for Apple device users.

Winner: Deezer takes the cost crown, but Apple Music might be worth the slight premium for some users.

Platform Compatibility: Reaching Your Audience

Both services are available on most major platforms. However, Apple Music wins with Apple Watch compatibility.

Winner: Apple Music, but the gap is narrowing as smartwatches gain wider adoption.

Customer Support: Ensuring a Smooth Symphony

Both offer email, phone, and social media support. While user reports suggest Apple Music’s support might be slightly more responsive, Deezer is actively improving its offerings.

Winner: It’s a close call, but Apple Music takes the edge for now.

The Grand Finale: Choosing Your Perfect Harmony

Ultimately, the best music streaming service is the one that resonates with your individual needs and preferences. Consider:

  • Music taste: Deezer for diversity, Apple Music for mainstream curation.
  • Audio quality: Both are excellent, with Apple Music having a slight edge.
  • Features: Deezer for personalized playlists, Apple Music for immersive sound.
  • Budget: Deezer is generally cheaper.
  • Devices: Apple Music if you use an Apple Watch.

Remember: Take advantage of free trials! Experiment with both platforms and let your ears be the ultimate judge. Happy listening!


Q: Which service has more exclusive content?

A: Apple Music often features exclusive releases and artist-owned playlists, while Deezer focuses on curated editorial content.

Q: Does either service offer podcasts?

A: Yes, both Deezer and Apple Music offer podcast libraries with varying show selections.

Q: What about lyrics and music videos?

A: Apple Music integrates lyrics and music videos more seamlessly with its platform, while Deezer offers lyrics through partner apps.

Q: Are there student discounts available?

A: Both Deezer and Apple Music offer discounted plans for students.

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