You might have a question that comes to your mind, and you won’t know which app is best for me if we compare Deezer and apple music? Moreover, we are well-known for all emerging and popular streaming platforms that help us make our music experience memorable, enjoyable, and intoxicate.

We listen to music by creating a playlist and recording favourite songs by sharing with our friends offline. It is possible to use all groundbreaking streaming apps like Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and many more.

Therefore our purpose is to provide the best streaming app for music, including a massive collection of favourite songs. And we also offer a detailed comparison of Deezer vs. Apple Music. Based on the comparison, you will choose the best streaming platform, which serves you better.

Deezzer vs apple

DeezerApple Music
Audio Quality320 kbit/s320 kbit/s
Free trial30 days30 days
Family plan$14.99 for six individuals$14.99 for six individuals
Tracks library56 million license tracks45 million license tracks
Subscribed users70 million subscribers50 million subscribers
Monthly Fee$9.99$9.99
Downloading optionYesYes
Free versionYesNo

Deezer vs. Apple:

   1. Libraries and Subscribers 

Deezer music streaming company is usually a french based company; therefore, it provides us with the latest features as Spotify offers. Due to continuously increasing the reputation of Deezer, user subscriptions touch the figure of 70 million subscribers. But in the coming years, he will get more millions of subscribers.

After the junction of Deezer ith Amazon Alexa further, an increase in user experience and it’s collection increase more than 56 million tracks. On the other side, Apple Music is one of the famous and stunning platforms in the world. Usually, Apple Music is specially designed for Apple users, and it entertains the user with 45 million tracks of diverse tastes.

Moreover, due to 50 million subscribers, Apple Music is trying to compete for the Deezer. Still, surely he can never beat the Deezer because Apple Music is only suitable for Apple users.

   2. Ads-Free Music Streaming 

Would you like the interruption while listing the song, then my answer is’ NO’ and how to overcome it?.
Deezer and Apple Music can quickly solve your problem both streaming platforms provide adds free services and provide a seamless experience to the user. So, if you subscribe for listing our favorite as you wish and if you want to enjoy additional free service, then your free account migrates into a paid version, then you use all features of both apps.

Therefore it is said that add free service, then you have a paid subscription. Hence, both apps fulfill users’ requirements, so Deezer and Apple Music have similar positions because of the same features.

   3. Trending songs at the top 

When you subscribed to any music platform, you prefer the features that provide the latest songs anywhere in the world. If you search for such streaming platforms, you are in the right place; both Deezer and Apple music has incredible features. Both platforms remain in the front line to provide a seamless experience to the users and satisfy all users to maximize the latest songs in good quality and lyrics.

Therefore rare platforms in the world let you know about the latest tunes. Still, if you are attaching with Deezer and Apple Music, you can enjoy all the latest songs and features or new updates. Furthermore, our journey does not end here; our fast algorithm is related to favorite songs that you provide the latest tunes on top of your screen at a spot that you like to listen to. So both apps are head to head and offer the same latest songs and features.

   4.Offline Music 

Would you like an interruption in your listing songs because of no internet connection? Then mostly user gives the comments’ NO.’ You don’t like these kinds of apps, and you prefer those streaming platforms that provide your favorite songs without an internet connection. But in Deezer and Apple Music, both apps give the option of downloading, and you can listen to your favorite tunes after downloading without any internet connections.

But on the other side, apple delivers the same facility as Deezer; you can download your favorite songs and listen offline. In other words, you don’t to wandering here and there. You need to download your favorite songs and then start listing offline. Finally, both apps provide the same facilities, and you can choose one of them.

   Flow and Compatibility 

However, Deezer is a live streaming music app that provides its users to listen to music according to their taste. So, You can hear the songs according to your liking by connecting with Alexa. In this way, It will repeat the songs you already listened to and ignore those songs that do not match your taste.

On the other side, If we talk about Apple Music, it lists down songs according to your taste and other skipped songs. However, it traces your history. Then it will automatically skip the songs which you already have skipped.

Moreover, If you are using a paid subscription, then you can use both desktop and mobile. If you are a user of Desktop then, you can access unlimited songs. But if you are a user of the Apple Music app, it is accessible for Apple Mobile users like IPad, iMac, or those that belong to Apple devices. So, Apple Users can play the songs Using the app.


   5.Audio Quality 

Audio quality is one of the main factors when we choose any music streaming app. Other streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and Pandora apps are in the queue, with their audio quality. In real, Deezer provides a valuable result of 128kbit/s in the free trial, but on the other side, Apple Music provides a double consequence of 256kbit/s in a free trial, so there is a vast difference between them.

On the other hand, both streaming platforms provide the same quality in a paid subscription, 320 kbit/s. No doubt there is superb quality, then it shows that both apps give the same results.


Now we are discussing the features of both streaming apps that are given below.

 Free trial: 

Deezer gives the fee trial for one month.No we will give you a surprise is in the free trial; all features are available as in the premium account. But on the other side, Apple Music offers a free trial for one month, and you can enjoy it on pc, Ipad,iPhone, MAC, etc. In simple words, both apps offer the same trial.

 Individual Account’s Fee: 

We already discuss the similarities between Deezer AND Spotify and also about the subscription account. The premium account of Deezer is $9.99 per month, which is similar to Spotify. Just remember, the fee for the premium account of Apple Music is the same as Deezer and Spotify. Moreover, you can pay $99.9, and you can enjoy free streaming, and also you can download songs of more than 100,000.

 Family Account’s Fee: 

You can share your premium account with six individuals for $14.99 for one month. But on the other side, Apple Music in $14.99 offers six accounts in one month.No in both situation quality remain the same throughout the month.

 Student Account’s Fee: 

Apple Music offers a premium account for students $4.99 per month, but on the other side, Deezer does not give any offer like Apple Music.

   7.Supported Devices: 

Deezer is Android and iOS compliant. Though Apple Music also supports IOS and Smartphone Accessories.


So, you have to understand which app to fulfill our requirements after saw a detailed comparison between Deezer and Apple Music because both platforms have unique features that differentiate from each other. The Deezer app is mostly subscribing to in Europe and other countries; therefore, the Deezer app is one step forward from Apple Music.
When we see the rapidly increasing popularity and user satisfaction of Deezer app users, the Deezer app competes with apple music in the coming years. Now you can easily use the Deezer app with Sonos one or Eco products. Finally, when we talk about emergence, then the Deezer app is the win.


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