Latest Version Deezer Premium APK 2021 ( free download

This post is going to be outstanding for those who are a fan of Music. In the following article, we are talking about the latest Deezer Premium APK 2021. It counts as the most famous music streaming app, which supports both Android and IOS. It is also remarkable for those who enjoy Music Day and night.

Anyway, A lot of music apps are available on the internet. But the point of talking about it, it is best few of them. Other Alternate apps like Spotify, Pandora Music, and Youtube Music are also many users. Many Music lovers also subscribe to its subscription. We can’t ignore Deezer Music compared to these apps because Deezer Music player provides all those features.

Besides that, we will discuss more features of it. The following article talks about full details about features and how to download and install them. If you are a music lover, then read the entire post. So, Scholar says that music fresh your mind and helps you to focus on work. Here, we are providing all the old versions of Deezer Premium APK.

Online Streaming music is easy as compared to offline streaming. It saves a massive amount of time. For listening to unlimited songs, you need a decent internet connection. Deezer Premium APK is the best-suggested music app. It considers the most famous music apps and provided good services.

Deezer Premium APK


What is Deezer?

Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benasaya are the founders of this company. They started their company to provide music streaming services in 2007. Deezer Music app helps users to meet high-end music requirements. You can listen to music everywhere and anytime with your cellphone. It supports both android and IOS devices.

Deezer is a popular music streaming app like Spotify and Pandora Music app. It is a french based music streaming company—available its services in 180 countries worldwide. It supports all devices like android, iOS, and PC. You can listen to the song Offline or Online. More than 16 million monthly active users enjoy Deezer’s 56 million songs, personalized recommendations, and hot trends.

Deezer plus has 56 million licensed tracks and over 30,000 radio channels available in its library.
According to January 2019, Deezer has 14 million active users. Seven Million paid subscribers on this app. It provides both free and paid versions. The main difference between paid and free is a little bit. The free version, MP3 quality is (128kbit/s), and paid plan quality is (320kbit/s).

In the free subscription, you can get only six Skips per hour. But you can get Unlimited Skips using a Deezer paid subscription. More features like that TV, Hifi is not available in free Deezer APK.

So, you can listen to all hit songs worldwide. You will enjoy favourite artists’ music albums such as Justin Bieber, Alesso, Taylor Swift, Kesha Pitbull, and Zayn Malik. So, you will inspire by the Deezer Premium App, whether you’re a Hip hop music fan. Millions of the hottest songs from famous brands such as Big Bang, EXO, GOT7, SNSD by T-ARA, and Black Pink.

You can play a playlist of songs from a pre-created or a hand-created playlist. In this app, you have features of modes, Shuffle, and loop. These features attract users to this app. Users can reduce their boredom by listening to songs.

Deezer Premium APK

Here we discuss all features of this application one by one. After knowing these features, it will help you to choose which plan will suit you. There are the following features that list here from free to Hifi.

The Deezer music player provides both a free and paid experience. To buy a paid subscription, you can enjoy unlimited music in Hi-Fi quality. There are an estimated 56 million songs are available. Compare to other huge music players like Tidal and Spotify, then not less to them. Go and télécharger deezer premium

The quality of the original is CD’s FLAC 16-bit/ 44.1kHz. It is only valid for those who have applied to the HIFI standard at a rate of $19.99 a month. The budget starts with $9.99 per month and design for those interested in playing offline music.

360 by Deezer premium APK reality audio is superior technology like the Dolby Atmos. It comes from the sony and can use our fully premium Deezer APK and the Hi-Fi level.


1.  Deezer Free

In this feature, you don’t any need to pay an amount.


  • Ads are allowed.
  • TV, Hifi, and car service enabled.
  • Google Chromecast is available.
  • No offline mode is available.
  • No-polishing, six skips an hour.

2. Deezer Student

It offers is at $4.99 for 30 days(free trial)


  • Ads are not allowed.
  • The scrubbing and skips are endless.
  • The mode has been provided offline.
  • TV, Hifi, and car service infinite.
  • Google Chromecast is available.


3 Deezer Family

The cost of this program is $8.99 for one month. Following these features


  • Ads are not allowed.
  • Skipping and scrubbing unrestricted.
  • Offline mode has been supported.
  • TV, HiFi, and car support infinite.
  • Google Chromecast is available.
  • This program will include six complete accounts.

4 Deezer Premium

For accessing the Deezer premium, you have to pay $5.99 for 30 days.


  • No sponsored ads.
  • Get unlimited skips.
  • Offline Mode.
  • Open TV, HiFi, and support for cars.
  • Google Chromecast is available without restrictions.

5 Deezer Annual

You will be charged $99.9 for one year, which is $8.32 per month.


  • It is not advertised.
  • Skipping and scrubbing infinite.
  • Offline mode supported.
  • Open TV, HiFi, and support for cars.
  • Google Chromecast is available without limitations.

6 Deezer HiFi

You will only be paid $8.99/month for a free trial for 30 days.


  • This feature is not advertising.
  • The skips and brushing are infinite.
  • It enabled offline mode.
  • Open TV, HiFi, and support for cars.
  • Google Chromecast is available without restriction.

Easy to Update Trends

Are you know how to find the latest songs which you want? If the answer is No, Don’t worry, Deezer changes musical charts worldwide quickly. Using a map chart, you can view the top 50 tracks you’ve played recently or the top ten K-POP tracks. A single click on the search bar will take you to millions of new songs, podcasting, and radio.

deezer music app



It suggests songs or playlists according to users’ past listened to songs. The playlists and songs category according to genre and mood. Users can also listen to any pre-created playlist or build their playlist. Later, the user can add it to a favourite playlist.

Share to Your Friends

Sharing your favourite thing with a friend increases your excitement level. This music app provides you with this opportunity. You can share your favourite playlists and albums with your friends and relatives.

Will you Like to know the Premium Features?

Would you like to know what Deezer offers in the paid version?
It gives more efficient and valuable features. You can use offline mode to listen to your favourite music without an internet connection. With that, anywhere, you can play your favourite songs without an internet connection.

The productivity output is also better (320 kBps rather than 128 kBps) for the customer’s ultimate comfort. You will get rid of irritating Ads. They won’t disturb you while you listen to your album. It also provides unlimited usage of Skip functionality. Now, it’s reached Amazon Alexa’s robotic helper.

Deezer Premium MOD APK

Thousands of people download this app due to its cool features. Now, you are here to download Deezer for free. But, Deezer lite Mod APK offers unlimited songs without any payment. Deezer Mod APK was developed to modify the Original App. After download Deezer cracked APK, you will download your favourite music. It provides high-quality music and enjoyable features like premium features. Let’s see its free features which you get.

Deezer Premium apk

Deezer Premium Mod Features

Ads Free

Deezer Ads free

Listen to music without ads is a paid membership. But our developer designs an app like this that you will listen to music without irritating ads. You will not get this feature in the free app.

Offline Listening

Deezer offline listen music

After the installation of Deezer cracked APK, you will download the songs. Later, you can listen to songs or podcasts whenever you want. After downloading the songs, you will get two benefits. First, you will save your data, and second, you will listen to songs offline.

High-Quality Music

Deezer High-Quality Music

In the Deezer free version, you will get the quality of music is 128 kbit / s. But in the hack version, you will get the quality of music is 320 kbit / s, which consider high-quality music. Also, it is free in this mod version.

Unlimited Skips

Deezer Unlimited Skips

You will do the unlimited skip in this mod version, while you can do the limited skip in the free version. Otherwise, you must pay to buy the premium version to get unlimited skips.

Full Premium Unlocked

Fully Premium Unlocked

Many other features you will see unlock. But here, we discuss the essential features of which user demand more. So, let’s move on to install on Android or emulator.

Setting Up your Deezer Mod App

The top right corner of the app has a settings option that lets you customize and personalize the Deezer mod app. You can modify the following settings by tapping on the Settings option:

  • Manage My Account – This feature allows you to change your email address, password, and personal information. Set up alerts and notifications for other Deezer updates.
  • Display Settings – You can select monochrome and dark modes. You can also turn them off.
  • Audio Setting – You can choose from Better, Balanced, Compact, and Custom sound quality. It provides the highest quality. While connected to WiFi, Balanced enhances audio quality. To reduce data consumption, Compact adjusts audio quality. Select Custom to customize your audio quality settings. If you would like to improve your music listening experience, you can use an equalizer.
  • App Settings – By activating the notification settings, you will receive a notification as soon as new music is discovered through discovery based on your preferences.
  • Share Settings – The sharing settings allow you to share music via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Music Playback – Deezer player can pause and resume playback automatically when a phone call comes in. You can hide tracks in your country. There is even a way for you to hide explicit material from the recommendations.
  • Disk Usage – Since you can download music from the app, you may want to keep an eye on your Android device’s storage usage.
  • Connected Devices – In this section, you will find a list of all devices connected to your Deezer account.
  • Offline Mode – With this option, you can listen to music when there’s no internet connection or data usage.

How to install Mod APK?

You can install the hack version on your Android phone itself. iOS mobile users can follow this post. The android version can also install it on Windows using an emulator. Let’s move on to installing steps.

Step1- First to download the Mod APK version. 

Step2- To enable Unknown Source, Go to Setting > Security > Device administrator and install. It will let you install the app if you don’t download the app from Playstore.

Step3-  Then, Go to File Manager and find the Deezer Premium Apk File. After a few seconds, it will install your Mobile.

How to install in unsupported countries?

Deezer music player is accessible in about 180 countries worldwide. This app is not available in India, China, Japan and many other countries. To play this app, you need a VPN. You can download any free VPN from the PlayStore. After the installation of the VPN, create your account on Deezer and enjoy the music. But, you can follow this procedure on the PC.

Tips that you need to know

It offers three types of subscriptions. In the first free subscription, you can listen to unlimited songs which contain ads. Deezer HiFi is the second, and Deezer Premium is the third subscription.

Recover your Playlist

If you abruptly click on the wrong button and delete your playlist. It facilitates you to recover deleted playlists. On the Desktop, you can recover up to 50 playlists. To recover the playlist, click on this link.

Upload music on Deezer

You have collected your music MP3 collection on your mobile. You want to upload this on Deezer. Deezer facilitates you to upload music on the Deezer app. To upload your music MP3 collection, go to the favourites section on the Deezer website. There, you will find an option called “My MP3s,” here, you can upload your tracks.

Make your Playlist professional.

If you want to look good, your playlist as it sounds. And you want to change the cover art. To change the cover art, click on the pencil icon on your playlist. After this, you will able to change the cover art. It depends on you to choose a photo from the library or taking a live image. This feature support both Android and iOS users.

Manage your connected devices

When you get a new mobile and want to check connected devices to your Deezer account yet, it depends on Deezer Account how many devices can access the same account. In the Deezer Family plan, you can sign up for 13 devices across six profiles. To check connected devices, go to the “My Connected Devices” option of the account. Here, you can check devices in which you want to delete or remove.

Setup your audio setting

Either you want to boost your bass or customize your bass. Then, we have a lot of options for customizing music bass. These include a vocal booster, dance, pop, and much more.

To set up the audio setting, go to the favourite tab, and after that, you will “Activate Equalizer” slider. Here, you will find all audio settings and can select anyone according to your taste.

Play music according to Your Mood

Everyone’s mood change from time to time, like chill, romance, happy or sad. Deezer opportunity you to choose music according to mood. If you are in a romantic dinner, you can find pop music which suits you. You can search the track that fits your mood.

Shortcut Keys for Desktop Users

We have shortcut keys for desktop User that helps to interact with Deezer premium APK. Open the app and press the ‘H’ button on your keyboard. You will see shortcut keys like adjust volume, play, replay, and much more. Like others, press ‘M’ to mute music and arrow for backward and forward the song. These functionals are all for Desktop and Mac devices.

Ban offensive lyrics

You will find unsuitable lyrics on the app that irritate your ears. So, you can hide it completely, including both explicit tracks and cover art. After this, you will never appear in searches or recommendations. Instead, you can ban this feature.

Frequency Asked Questions

How can I get Deezer Premium APK for Free?

It’s easy to register for Deezer Free. Only continue listening to music online or download the device and listen to the music by using Deezer Premium APK offline 2021. It is also possible to move to Deezer Safe from paying membership (e.g., Deezer Standard, Deezer Families, Deezer HiFi). You have to terminate your subscription. Until the next payment day, the account will switch to the Deezer Free program.

What’s the difference between Deezer Premium and Deezer HiFi?

With Deezer HiFi, you will get all the features of Deezer Premium and the ability to listen to FLAC tracks without lossless quality.

 Is Deezer better than Spotify?

Deezer takes the lead with 53 million tracks when it comes to power. Due to Deezer’s wide variety of markets, over 180 markets, instead of Spotify, have selected nearly 40 million songs accessible only in 78 countries. You can also check out Deezer vs Spotify Comparison. After this, you will able to decide which suits you.

Is Deezer available in India?

On Deezer, you can stream 35 million tracks with personalized radio. In 180 countries, Deezer is available worldwide. In India, Greater China, Israel, and Japan, Deezer is not accessible.


I have described all the essential information about Deezer Premium APK. We also provide a download link to this app. You can also ask any query about Deezer Mod APK. Comment below; we will help you. If you like it, share it with your family or friends on social media platforms.

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