Suppose you and your family members are music lovers. In that case, Deezer Premium APK is the best place where you discover millions of songs, super hit channels, radio stations, and your favorite artists.

Deezer premium android tv


Turn your TV into the jukebox and listen to your favorite tones and more you want. If you’re going to find new music tracks or other channels, you can browse with your remote and enjoy the Deezer flow.

   Deezer Premium for Android TV 

It is available for all Deezer users, and the supported version is 5.0. If you have purchased the subscription of Deezer, then you can use all premium features of Android Tv. If you are free, you can use these features to browse the radio, Deezer catalog, listen to Flow, and recommend playlists in shuffle mode.

NameDeezer Premium Android TV
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Flow is the best matchmaker. You can discover songs, albums, and radio hits according to your taste whenever you want. You can choose your favorite music from a list of songs, and it will create a soundtrack that will be according to your taste.

So, you can listen to your music whenever you want. You can also search for music, artists, albums, and radio stations by name, genre, or country. It is an easy way to find your favorite music.


  • Deezer for Android TV has millions of songs.
  • Playlists have the best music, stream songs, artists, radio hits, and audio channels.
  • You can enjoy playlists that are curated by world-famous editors. You can search your favorite track by talking to your remote.
  • By using this way, you can easily search for your music.

   How do I log in to TV? 

You have to synchronize your Deezer account with your TV app by entering 4 digit code. It would be best if you had no keyboard on the TV for this purpose.
You can scan the QR code (displayed on your TV screen) to log in.

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