Latest Deezer Premium HiFi 2021 – High-Quality Music [Free Download]

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In the paid subscription of Deezer, We will provide Deezer Premium Hi-Fi with high cd-quality for enjoying music and also get a bonus of Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) sound. It delivers the very best experience of listening and audio encoded with 16-Bit/44.1 kHz FLAC.

Deezer Premium Hifi

   Deezer Premium Hifi 

In this article, I will complete a guide you about Deezer Hifi and the Requirement of Deezer HiFi.


For starting Deezer, you will require a subscription and proper high broadband connection. For enjoying FLAC live streaming, Deezer Hi-Fi requires a minimum broadband speed of 5Mb/s.

1 FLAC stream-5.0Mb/s
2 FLAC streams-7.5Mb/s
3 0r more FLAC streams-10Mb/s\

App NameDeezer Music
Latest Version6.2.22.90
Get it OnGoogle PlayStore

   Compatible devices 

Choose those devices that may have built apps. That’s why apps can run on the device. Check the Deezer Hi-Fi icon on the homepage of the device to check which model is supported. Users can enjoy live streaming of FLAC high-quality music on ios, Xbox, web player, and android mobile devices, not only on the desktop app.

Because good audio and video quality music give freshness during listening to the song and the man feels relax. Listen to FLAC high quality go to android version 6.1.14 and IOS version 8.1.0. Now we discuss a few steps that are given below.
Settings >s Audio_Settings> Custom

   Try it for free 

If you want to listen to Deezer Hi-Fi free then upgrade your current subscription when you make an account.
1-if you don’t make any account, then sign up here.
2-log-in Deezer hi-fi.
3-After visiting the Deezer page, then select the option “Try it free for 30 days”.
4-After entering payment, then follow steps.
5-click the confirm button; finally, the subscription is started.

   Using Google Assistant 

The subscriber of Deezer HI-FI can enjoy the FLAC with google assistant on Google Home speakers in the following countries.


   How do you get HiFi on Deezer? 

1-For our IOS and android app first to download the 360 by Deezer app.
2-After downloading the app, then choose your language.
3-After this, he will ask for seven digits of alphanumeric code
4-According to desire, select the country.
5-And select the option of Deezer.
6-Finally you see the logo of Deezer. After clicking this logo, he will give brief information about Deeze Fi-Fi.

   Does Deezer HiFi work on Iphone? 

First to check the main page of our device to find which model is supported. But the user of Deezer hi-fi can get a stream of FLAC not only on desktop apps but also on IOS, web player Xbox and all android devices.

   Is Deezer lossless? 

Deezer, unlike such types of devices like apple music and Spotify, or FLAC lossless audio files library are downloaded for our device according to desire, you will get a poor result. Its music library contains high quality 56 million tracks and includes 52 million high-quality files are available for you, which you can listen to and enjoy.

   Is Deezer better than Spotify? 

It’s not the best audio file choice because it does not provide lossless streaming like Spotify and tidal. But if you get the offer of 320kbps without any big audio files on Spotify and happy, you don’t need expensive headphones for better quality.

   Does Deezer use FLAC? 

The opportunity of FLAC only provides the Deezer HI-FI subscribers because it provides the quality which you desire. If you are a Deezer subscriber, you easily enjoy this offer and get the FLAC stream into the audio setting. After downloading the FLAC audio, you can easily play it on desktop.

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