How To Transfer Playlist From Spotify to Deezer: Step by Step Instructions

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If you’re a music lover who has been using Spotify for a while, you probably have a lot of great playlists that you’ve created. But what if you’re thinking of switching to Deezer? Don’t worry, you can easily transfer your Spotify playlists to Deezer with the help of a third-party tool called TuneMyMusic.

Before You Begin:

  • Deezer Account: Ensure you have a Deezer account, either free or paid, depending on your desired listening experience.
  • Playlist Selection: Decide which playlists you want to transfer. Remember, some songs might be unavailable on Deezer due to licensing restrictions.
  • Transfer Service: Choose a suitable transfer service. We’ll explore both Deezer’s built-in option and third-party tools.

Method 1: Using Deezer’s Transfer Tool (Free & Paid Plans)

  1. Open Deezer: Launch the Deezer app or access the web player.
  2. Settings: Navigate to your Settings (gear icon on mobile, profile picture on web).
  3. Transfer Your Favorites: Select Transfer Your Favorites.
  4. Choose Spotify: Click Start Transfer and choose Spotify as the source platform.
  5. Authorize: Log in to your Spotify account and grant authorization to access your data.
  6. Select Playlists: Choose the playlists you wish to transfer and click Confirm.
  7. Transfer Starts: Sit back and relax as Deezer transfers your playlists! You’ll receive a notification upon completion.

Method 2: Third-Party Transfer Tools (Free & Paid Options)

Several third-party platforms offer playlist transfer services, some with additional features like song matching and advanced customization. Here are two popular options:

A. TuneMyMusic (Free & Paid Plans):

  1. Visit TuneMyMusic: Go to
  2. Select Platforms: Choose Spotify as the source and Deezer as the destination.
  3. Connect Accounts: Log in to both your Spotify and Deezer accounts using the secure connection provided.
  4. Select Playlists: Choose the playlists you want to transfer.
  5. Start Transfer: Click Transfer and wait for the process to complete.

B. Soundiiz (Free & Paid Plans):

  1. Visit Soundiiz: Go to
  2. Connect Accounts: Create a Soundiiz account and connect your Spotify and Deezer accounts.
  3. Choose Playlists: Click Playlists and select the Spotify playlists you want to transfer.
  4. Transfer Settings: Choose your desired transfer settings, such as filtering unavailable songs.
  5. Start Transfer: Click Transfer and watch your playlists move to Deezer.

Important Notes:

  • Song Availability: Not all songs on Spotify might be available on Deezer due to licensing agreements. Transferred playlists might have missing tracks, which the services will usually highlight during the process.
  • Free vs. Paid Plans: Some third-party tools might have limitations on the number of playlists or songs you can transfer for free. Consider upgrading to a paid plan for larger transfers or additional features.
  • Data Security: Choose reputable transfer services with secure connections and clear privacy policies to protect your account information.

Additional Tips:

  • Organize Playlists: Before transferring, consider organizing your Spotify playlists for easier migration and management on Deezer.
  • Explore Deezer: Take some time to explore Deezer’s features and discover new music curation tools or personalized recommendations.
  • Enjoy the Music!: Relax and enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about platform limitations.

I hope this comprehensive guide empowers you to seamlessly transfer your playlists and continue your musical journey on Deezer!

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