Music is trending in recent generations. If you are going to the gym or going outside for a walk, you will like to listen to music because it boosts your energy. It will engage you to work hard. There are many live streaming music apps, but you are getting confused about choosing the best music app. Therefore, to make your choice perfect for the best music app.

Here, I will discuss in detail about Deezer vs Pandora. After reading the whole article, you will understand which app is suitable for you.

   Deezer vs Pandora 

When we compare Pandora vs Deezer, a Huge number of people will recommend Deezer. The question here is: which is the best music streaming app? Deezer is ranking in the 3rd position while Pandora is in the 8th position in the world. The main reason is that the Deezer music app is available in 182 countries.

Free VersionYesYes
Can Download Songs YesYes
Countries Available in 185+ CountriesUS Only
Subscribed Users70 million subscribers 63.1 million subscribers
Tracks library56 million licensed tracks 40 million licensed tracks
Family plan$14.99 for 6 family members $14.99 for 6 family members
Free trial30 days60 days
Audio Quality320 kbit/s 192 kbit/s
Monthly fee$9.99$4.99
Upload Music YesNo
Data Saving ModeYesNo
Artist ProfileYesNo

   Audio Quality 

Audio quality is the main factor for every music app. Every music lover will choose a high-quality music app. Both platforms are providing their users free trial for a short period of time. Both platforms have different sound qualities. Let’s see its paid subscription features.

Deezer Premium Music, Deezer HiFi, and other paid subscription, the quality of music is 360 kbps MP3, which is the same as compared to Spotify premium. And this is considered good music quality.
On the other hand, If we discuss the audio quality of pandora. It offers 192 kbps MP3 (ACC), which is slightly less than Deezer. Of course, it is not a bad quality. As a comparison to Deezer, This platform is offering excellent quality then pandora.

Hence, Deezer level up in this feature.

   Algorithmic Radio 

In our comparison, the first feature we will start with their algorithmic radios between Deezer and Pandora. Usually, algorithmic of radios update the music collections, consider patterns, integrate new songs and demand.

So you will always find a new album at the top of your list to stay updated with the latest music on the market. About the contrast, both of these music streaming apps luckily have this algorithmic radio ability, all of each update the songs automatically regularly.

Fortunately, both platforms are the same in this feature.

   Free Trial Plan 

Definitely, You will never subscribe to any music app unless it is not fulfilling your requirement.
To increase their product sales or customer satisfaction, Every company gives people a free trial for a limited time. Similarly, Both Deezer and pandora offer their customers a free trial of which duration from 1 to 3 months.
However, if the user can’t access all the premium features, it is still the best opportunity for music fans to check the music quality and value of tracks.

As well as, if we discuss the quality of music, Deezer offers 128 kbps MP3 their customers under the free trial. Whereas, Pandora offers 64kbs AAC+/128kbs music quality the same under the free trial. Both platforms are admirable and equivalent.
Hence, Both Platforms are tie.

   Supported Devices 

A significant factor in evaluating the importance of the music platform is performance. Of course, you also don’t want to choose the app that is only compatible with iOS, since you have an iPhone. Then, You will search for a compatible platform for different platforms.

If we look up Deezer Supported Devices, it supports both Android and iPhone. Therefore, it also supports Amazon, Desktop, Sonos, and Alexa platforms. If we further discuss other compatible devices such as Android TV, Chromecast, Blackberry, Sony Bravia, and many other devices like these.

On the other hand, Pandora also supports Android and iPhone. Pandora also shows similarity with various platforms such as Apple TV, Sonos, Amazon Echo, and many others like this.

Both are compatible with various platforms, however. So Deezer and Pandora are both fantastic and commendable for all compatible devices.

   Number of Tracks 

The authenticity of a music streaming platform has been measured by the number of tracks on the platform. At Deezer, It contains over 56 million albums, and these tracks come in various languages and styles. Simply, Using the search bar, you can find songs according to your taste.

Besides that, the music collection of Pandora is admirable, but it can not compare with Deezer. As in its music store, Pandora has 40 million albums. Doubtless, it a large number of library collections, but it is far behind if we compare it with Deezer.

Here, Deezer has a plus point for Deezer lovers due to its extensive collection of music libraries.

   Offline Streaming Option 

What will be more obnoxious that you can not listen to your favourite songs without the internet?
Possibly this is the worst collection for music lovers. Thus, Music streaming services have launched offline listening methods to solve this annoyance for music lovers. The customer does not always have the internet to listen to his favourite music for this app. You can hear the song without an internet connection until the online streaming is complete.

After that, Deezer and Pandora all introduce offline listening options to better the experience of their customers. While both music platforms have this capability for offline listening songs.
So, both are equal in this feature.

   Playlist Sharing 

You may have a partner who is already involved in music, and if you have, this playlist sharing facility can make your musical experience much more exciting.

You will select the songs which you like using this app and then share this playlist with your close friends with the same choice in music. So, you can list and share it with your friends.
Unfortunately, Deezer is providing this feature for its customers. If you are using a paid account, then your friend’s list can also be accessed from your friend. That’s how you can share your favourite song playlist with your friends and family members.

On the other hand, Pandora has not provided this feature for its customers. Means that pandora users cannot share the playlist of their favourite songs with their friends or family member.
Here, the plus point goes to Deezer.

   User-Created Playlist 

What happens if you can’t make the playlist of your favourite songs using your music app?
Definitely, you will not like this. Mostly, the user needs to create his playlist, which includes his favourite songs that the user wants, and each successful streaming platform is supposed to be of this nature. Every Good platform has this feature.

In the Deezer, You can access this feature if you have a paid subscription of Deezer.
On the other hand, Pandora does not offer its customers to create their favourite playlist.


Music is a leading passion for young people, and music networks satisfy the music demand. And if you read the Deezer and Pandora reports, you would have known that in specific ways, such as sharing the playlist and generated playlist. You can also check Deezer Vs Spotify.

Definitely, Deezer is an excellent platform than pandora. You can also access Deezer premium features free of cost.

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