Here we discuss a tremendous and comprehensive comparison between Deezer and Spotify. After using both apps, then all users give our feedback on which app features are better. In the era of technology, several streaming apps and platforms have extinguished their thirst for music. From my point of view, both Deezer and Spotify win trust all over the world. Deezer and Spotify, with millions of subscribers and users, are two emerging platforms of the world.

   Deezer vs Spotify: 

Till now, Deezer is one of the most popular and emerging platforms in the world. Because every month, 16 million active users reach on Deezer for listening to songs. Mostly Deezer app is used and popular in Europe.

But on the other side, Spotify is tremendous, and it is entertaining a massive number of audiences with its diverse collection of tracks. Being a competitor, Deezer and Spotify upgrade our quality, services and add new features according to further innovation.

We compare both Deezer and Spotify features to the conclusion of which app is better.
In conclusion, we compare both Deezer and Spotify app features to know which app is better.

Free trial 30 days 30 days
Family plan$8.99 for 6 family members $14.99 for 6 family members
Subscribed Users16 million subscribers 83 million subscribers
Tracks library53 million licensed tracks30 million licensed tracks
Premium Plan Fee$5.99$9.99
Free plan offline mode, Ad-supportedAd-supported, shuffle-only mode, no offline mode
Student PlanNo$4.99

   Latest tracks and Music: 

Now we check both apps and its capability depends upon how much he discovers the new songs.

1-Artist profile:

In both streaming apps, where you can find the option of artist profile.According to your favorite. Subscribers get this opportunity and may listen and download songs of their favorite artists according to desire. But in some free cases, maybe the option of download is not available.


Both Deezer and Spotify release new songs according to your taste, which you often listen to. Moreover, according to our liking and favorite artist, your subscription is in which you listen to songs. Now, both Deezer and Spotify try to compete with each other by release new songs.

3-Changing subscription:

Deezer provides the opportunity of changing the subscription when you want. When we discuss the subscription, then Deezer gives a tough time to Spotify.

   Sound Qualities: 

Sound quality is one of the essential factors in music because it tells us all streaming platforms’ worth. You can not feel the taste of music without sound quality. Of course, nobody will give you a paid subscription for checking the sound quality. But few apps are available like Deezer offers a free trial to the users to check the sound quality and features of streaming platforms.

We discuss Deezer and Spotify’s sound quality under the free trial, and the sound quality is128kbit/s and 192 kbit/s, respectively. In this situation, Spotify takes the lead over Deezer, but on the other side in the paid subscription, both streaming platform gives the same results. In the paid subscription of the family account in both streaming platforms, the sound quality becomes 320 kbit/s.

More votes favor Spotify, but in reality, both platforms are having a tough time with each other. Therefore both streaming apps are impressive and equal in sound quality.

   Tracks Collection: 

According to music libraries, we compared Deezer and Spotify two years ago; obviously, the winner is Spotify. But in the current season, Deezer is a more accessible and up-growing platform globally because it is continuously adding tracks to our music library.

Now we discuss the no tracks in each app’s library; you will know the 50 million tracks in the Deezer music platform library. But on the other side, Spotify only 30 million tracks in its library. So, Deezer is winning when we discuss the no of tracks.

   Monthly Charges: 

The paid subscription of Deezer and Spotify is a separate account to account, and if you want to get a paid subscription, you will pay $9.99 per month. Therefore the rates of both streaming platforms are the same. Using the family account, you can share this account with our friends, but you will pay for this account at $ 14.9 per month.

Here the main functionality of the family account. You can share this account with six individuals. By sharing your family account with our friends, you can make our music journey thrilling. Both platforms especially give students special offers, and his cost of the music plan is $4.9 per month. Hence proved that both platforms offer the same discount.

   Supported Devices: 

When deciding the importance of the music platform, the accessibility between musical platforms is important. In this case, the compatibility between your music streaming platform and other devices becomes mandatory.
Now let us see the compatibility of Deezer;

  • Alexa and Sonos
  • Car or home audio systems
  • Game Console
  • Computer and TVs
  • Both Android and IOS

On the other way, we check the compatibility of Spotify;

  • HiFi, wearables
  • Car or home audio systems
  • Computer and TV
  • Game Console
  • Both Android and iOS
    You can also see that the two platforms offer different compatibility possibilities, and again, when it comes to compatible devices, there is no difference between Deezer and Spotify.

   Plan Free Of Cost: 

Would you like to spend money on buying those things that you even do not know?
You select the option of “NO.” We provide an excellent experience for both apps’ users; therefore, we put a free plan for music lovers to gain a useful experience. Although the free plans give the users so that he could get the app’s idea, it is real or not. Therefore open-plan only gives for user satisfaction within certain limits both in Deezer and Spotify. Here we will discuss some limitations which the user can not use even he shift to paid accounts.

  • Shuffle-only Mode
  • Ad-Supported
  • No off-line Mode
  • NO-Scrubbing

Although you can not enjoy all features free, therefore, both apps are not superior to each other.

   Off-Line Music Streaming: 

Indeed, the music lover can not spend time without listing the songs due to the loss of internet connections. But don’t worry, Deezer and Spotify provide the facility of listening to the songs offline. Whether you are in the city or hilly areas, you can listen to your favorite songs, even without an internet connection. So both apps provide the facility of listing the music offline and no superior to each other.


   Q1: How much Deezer costs you per month? 

Due to popularity, therefore the Deezer provides 55 million tracks to the customer. Moreover, different packages are available according to desire. You select one of them and enjoy all the fantastic features and music. And you can get the benefit and enjoy all Deezer features and tracks from Deezer’s paid account, and its price starts from $9.99 to 14.99 dollars per month.

   Q2: Is Deezer better than Spotify? 

It’s not the best audio file choice because it does not provide lossless streaming like Spotify and tidal. But if you get the offer of 320kbps without any big audio files on Spotify and happy, you don’t need expensive headphones for better quality.

The FLAC opportunity only provides the Deezer HI-FI subscribers because it allows for quality, which you desire. If you are a Deezer subscriber, you easily enjoy this offer and get FLAC stream into the audio setting. After downloading the FLAC audio, you can easily play it on a desktop.

   Final Words: 

By understanding both apps Deezer and Spotify features, we conclude that both apps are gorgeous. And you may select one of them because both app’s features and qualities are mostly the same. Soon Deezer will the famous and leading platform of the world because Deezer fulfills our subscribers’ demands and continuously improves your services. You can also check out Deezer vs. Pandora, which is the best app for music lovers.

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