When your profile is approved, you will receive your login details. After login, you can analyze your profile and stats. Here, I will tell you about each section on how to update your Deezer Profile.

Profile Picture: This is the picture where every listener recognizes you from your profile. The size of your profile should less than 3Mb. Your profile should be square, at least 500px x 500px.

Biography: In the bio, you can tell your listeners about your real life. You can write your biography in many languages like French, Chinese, English, Portuguese, German, and much more. You can explain your bio as much you want because there is no limit on it.

Social Media Links: When you become famous, your fans want to connect with you. To make sure that thing, you can share your Social Media Profile links.

Status: Status is a short message where you can update your fans about new release songs. The maximum status length should contain 64 characters.

After the update of your profile like a professional, click on “Publish.”. Have patience; it will take a few hours to update your profile. After published, everyone can see your profile online. Now, you can check the stat of your streaming figures, monthly listener, and much more. You can also add members of bands.

   Tips for setting up your Deezer Profile 

Profile Picture: Every listener first look at the Profile. Make your profile unique and shows your brand. Is your music is entertaining? Choose something lively.

Biography:  In this section, your fans can know about your brand. It’s doesn’t mean that you tell a little bit about yourself. Tell your fans about your present, past, and aim for your destiny. You can say to your fans about the recent release.

Remember, Don’t write hate speech that violates Deezer guidelines.

Artist Playlists: A playlist is a great feature that helps to connect your fans. So, you can create your playlist. It is the main feature of every music app. In chapter 4, you will find that playlist is the lifeblood of Deezer.

Status Update: 

Thus, you can update your fans about new updates about brands. If you are releasing a new song, you can inform your fans. Using this feature, you can engage your fans.

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