All Know About How to Make Money on Deezer?

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Gratefully, Music streaming platforms make it easier to earn money from music. In the beginning, it can take time to receive your first income on your investment. You can achieve your goal with your good campaign, sound strategy, and consistency. In the following article, I will tell you to make money on Deezer.

   How does Deezer pay artists? 

Like other Music platforms, Deezer doesn’t pay immediately for their music. Alternatively, artists use distributors and also get their payment from these distributors. After the 3-4 month streamed music, Deezer transfers their revenue to their music distributors. If your distributor is right, you can share your amount at any time to your PayPal or bank account.

You can check your streams on your Deezer Backstage account, which is hight recommended. You can check out how to create a Deezer Backstage account. If your track listened for 30sec or longer, then it will count in the stream. It will not count in the stream if less than 30sec.

   How much does Deezer pay artists? 

Deezer payout artist based upon market share pattern. Also, other streaming platforms apply these patterns. They pay the artist according to the stream’s percentage to the total number of streams in a month. The payment also takes the monthly amount of songs streamed from the platform into account.

Deezer has made graphics to telling how to market payout the artist. For example, two artists and two members are Jemma and Amie. Artist 1 receives 90 plays from Jemma, and artist 2 receives ten plays from Amie. However, every member pays the same amount of subscription. That subscription member pays, the artist can’t get it directly. It goes to Deezer’s account.

After this, it divides according to the percentage of play songs. So that Artist 2 will get the only portion of Sascha’s fee. The more significant artist gets high paid as compared to the smaller artist. We also discuss above that fans can’t give directly to their artist.HowevererHoweverDeezer is now looking to shake things up with a new payout model called the User-Centric Payment System (UCPS). This model pays based on what the listener actually plays and not just the percentage of streams to the total of streams played. Exciting news for independent artists. More about that in the next section.

Now, Deezer is introducing a payout method called User-Centric Payment System (UCPS). In this method, it will pay in which member actually plays not.


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